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About Me


Been around dogs all my life. My Gran bred Rough Collie's. My Mum bred Pomeranians. My first recollection would have been when I was 3-4 years old with a litter of Rough Collie's aged about 4 weeks old in an enclosed area in the hallway. My Gran allowed me to name one - I called it Cherry.

I grew up with Gran's 3 Rough Collie's around me - Laddie, Elmo and Flossie. They were show dogs and when I was 5 I entered a competition with Laddie. We got first place. As a small child I can only remember the agony of having to do a lap of honour with my arms laden with a red rosette, a huge cup, a shield, a certificate and several tins of Chappie dog food - plus the dog of course!

We moved with my Dad's job and the Collie's came to visit - I enjoyed teaching them how to do things, taking them for walks and getting them to jump things. My Gran realised I had a love of dogs and bought me my first dog when I was 7 years old - he was called Prince, looked like a black Labrador but was a crossbreed of unknown origin. Prince joined in all our games and had a good life. He stayed with Mum and Dad when I married and moved house.

Next came a GSD puppy called Rosie. I took her to various training classes including BAGDS at Long Melford in Suffolk and also had the pleasure of attending Roy Hunter's classes. At the age of 13 Rosie passed away and we bought Brigi - an 8 week old adorable GSD pup. I started pet classes with Mandy Martin in Suffolk and had started Working Trials training with her. I continued to work Brigi until she 3 years old and was diagnosed with an incurable problem and had to be put to sleep - it broke my heart. My next dog was another GSD called Sophie. She was great, loved to work, loved to do Working Trials - loved most of the exercises - just hated the down stay. We entered in competition and got excellent marks, but not once did she do a down stay in competition! Stanley came next - a cheeky WSD with a half white face. With Stanley I was able to move through the Working Trials classes and achieved TDex and was working Pdex. Stanley retired from trials at the age of 8 - he had started to limp occasionally after doing the jumps.

My next leap was with a Chocolate Labrador - Georgie (Georgina) - I thought I loved GSD's but Labrador's really fill my eye. Georgie did Working Trials and achieved WDex and then became my first brood bitch and she had a litter with Jack (Staftly Thunderbolt). I kept Maggie (Pollgina Gladys Gladsome) from this litter. The POLLGINA came from Polly and Georgina. George had another litter and I kept Rose, Jenny, a friend kept a bitch called Fern. Maggie achieved WD open before becoming a mum, and restarted and achieved 3 further WD opens. She is now ready to try for Wdex. Rose hasn't done any competitions yet, but she is nearly ready. From Maggie's litter I would have loved to have kept a pup, but just didn't have room, so Jenny had another puppy called Mattea.

My training began with my Gran's collies, then with Prince, Rosie, Brigi and Sophie. I used to help at Mandy's classes with the pet dogs and on her Working Trials sessions. I have helped at the Hucknall class and on Rod's Training Courses and One to One training sessions. I started to run my own classes APT School for Dogs about 5 years ago.