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Bronze Aptitude Award

The course is a 6 week course of 'one hour and a half' lessons. Fully payable in advance. You will also receive a training booklet to take home.

The bronze class is for dogs that have attended the puppy or beginner foundation course. The class will include the following:

  • Answer questions on various dog topics:     15 questions – 10 correct answers.
  • Handling:     Handler should be able to touch dog all over and check eyes, ears and mouth. Also hold front and rear paws.
  • ID tag & Poo bag:     Show ID tag on collar, show poo bag is carried:
  • Watching:     Handler to demonstrate a 5 and 10 second watch.
  • Walking under control:     Walking on lead in and around people and dogs.
  • Control at a kerbside:     Handler to do highway code and cross the road with dog under control.
  • Sit stay:     A 30 second sit with handler 3-4 feet away.
  • Food manners:     Dog to sit and wait for permission to eat dish of food.
  • Novice recall:     Dog to do a sit and wait then return to handler and execute a “finish”.
  • Down stay:     A 1 minute down with handler 3-4 feet away.
  • Retrieve a toy:     Handler to throw a toy a short distance, dog to fetch toy.

Those who pass the bronze aptitude award will receive a bronze rosette and a certificate. Then you will be able to continue on to the silver award.

You may look at this and think my dog will never do that, but that is what the people in silver said.

Food Manners
Food Manners