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Platiplus Aptitude Award

The course is a 6 week course of 'one hour and a half' lessons. Fully payable in advance. You will also receive a training booklet to take home.

The platiplus class is for dogs that have already passed the platinum award. The class will include the following.

  • controlled greeting:     Handler to walk round and greet up to 6 members of class, with dog under full control. Off lead
  • Rejoin handlers side:     Handler is walking at fast pace with dog at heel work position,then to give sit wait command,then in down and stand, handler only to continue walking. Off lead
  • Watching:     Handler to demonstrate a 15 and 30 second watch. With distractions
  • Saucepan exercise:     Get dog to take the lid off a saucepan and place to one side, then take contents out of saucepan and put to one side, then put the lid back on the saucepan. Off lead with handler 10 paces away
  • sendaway:     Send dog to 4 different cones 8 paces away, with immediate down.
  • Sit:     3 minute sit stay with handler out of sight. with distractions
  • Stand stay:     1 1/2 minute stand stay with handler out of sight.
  • Drug dogs:     Dog to be taught to sniff-out various substances that are hidden and lie flat when found. A teabag, a brillo pad and a bonio to be hidden.
  • Down stay:     7 minute down stay with handler out of sight. With distractions
  • retrieve a dumbbell over a jump:     Dog to go over jump, collect dumbbell and return to handler, over jump.
  • Heelwork to music routine:     Routine to include: dog going forwards and backwards, dog circling handler, twirling, going through legs, and jump over some part of handlers body, with a bow at end.
  • Mentor a bronze or silver:     Mentor a bronze or silver student to pass level.

Those who pass the platiplus aptitude award will receive a platiplus rosette, a certificate and a trophy.

The platiplus was designed because the handlers and dogs that passed platinum didn't want to stop coming to class and no doubt we will have to come up with something if they pass this one.

Saucepan Exercise
Saucepan Exercise