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Samsung with the Slingsby Trophy

I started at Pollys training class in July 05, with my German shepherd Samson he was 12 weeks old. I knew he was going to be big so I knew I had to control him on the lead and off. We passed Puppy then went through all the classes, Samson was the first dog to have passed Platinum. It was then that I wanted more for him and for me. So in 2006 we went on a Working Trials Holiday in Yorkshire, which Polly and Rod run and this blew my mind at what you can achieve with your dog. We started on Rods Continuation Course and then started competing in trials. We then went on the Working Trials Holiday again in 2007 and won the Slingsby Trophy. Samson got is CDex in march 08, he came first which I am very proud of. We are now trying for UDopen.

We still go to Pollys training classes on a Wednesday and Friday nights helping out.

Thank you Polly for all your help over the years. Louise and Samson.

Samson with the Slingsby Trophy. (left)

HI, my name is Jeanette and I joined Polly’s puppy class in 2007 with my rescue GSD of 5 months, Max. Max did have some behavioural issues which Polly taught me how to work through. Max is now 2 years old and going to take his platinum class, Max also enjoys the agility training, though he does get a little exited at times. Max and I can’t thank Polly enough for helping make Max the dog he is today. I also have Kiera who is 9 months old and a stubborn little so an so, with Polly’s tuition, Kiera has just passed bronze and will be taking silver. I also have a new rescue GSD of 5 months, Lexi who is taking puppy class. Polly has already noted how nervous she is and is being fabulous at teaching us how to overcome this. We have met some lovely people and some really great dogs whilst at APT. We could not have done it all without you!

Many thanks Polly.

Love Jeanette, Max, Kiera and Lexi. (right)

Kiera, Lexi, Max
Ellie and her Puppy

I am 9 years old and have my own puppy she has just passed her bronze award and we are now working towards silver, sometimes it can be hard work but I know it will be worth it.

Ellie Morris. (left)

I enjoyed taking my Labrador Dex to Polly's dog training classes we both learnt such a lot.

Joe Morris, aged 11 years. (right)

Joe and Dex
Bella and Max

We have two of Polly’s Pollgina Chocolate Labradors who we take to Friday night dog training sessions and are made very welcome at other training days. Polly is approachable and always finds a way to teach you and your dog if and when training is physically and mentally challenging!! Polly is always on hand, night and day to answer any questions or queries, no matter how strange the question, which we may have about one of her pups or training. Polly trains us to be great handlers as well as training the dogs! All of this is done for the love and enjoyment of the dogs in which she helps to train.

Ruth and Bella Rose, Ray and Fran with Max. (left)

I have attended dog training classes at Mansfield Woodhouse for nearly 4 years now. We are a real family and I have made some really good friends, everyone is there to help one another. Polly has given me the confidence with my dogs to be a better owner she really is magical with dogs!

Sue Morris. (not shown)